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The First Certification in Family-Work Balance for an Agency

ECOLEAD Communication is the first Quebec marketing agency to receive the certification of recognition in Family-Work Balance from the Réseau pour un Québec Famille (RPQF).

Quick Facts

  • ECOLEAD is the first company in the Outaouais to obtain the certification of recognition and the second company to obtain it from the Réseau pour un Québec Famille (RPQF).
  • Launched last September, this certification is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated family-work balance measures associated with best practices in the field and that have successfully completed a step-by-step process with the RPQF.
  • The measures put in place by ECOLEAD include the possibility of carrying out 4-day work weeks, remote work, the addition of an additional paid day per year for family obligations and the right to disconnect.
  • A “Léger survey”, carried out in 2018 among 3,000 working parents, revealed that 55% of respondents would be ready to change jobs in exchange for better family-work balance measures and that 37% would be ready to accept a reduction in salary, in exchange for better measures similar to this [1].
  • The Réseau pour un Québec Famille is a national grouping of the family sector which brings together members of over 4,000 organizations from the community, municipality, education, health and social services, labour, and social economy sectors.


“As a business owner and mom, I fully understand the responsibilities that working parents face. Children are very important, and I believe that employers must put in place the necessary measures to help their employees achieve a good work-life balance. If we can reduce their stress by offering them daily support, not only will the company benefit, but also society as a whole" said Marilou Brouillet, agency leader at ECOLEAD.

"There are few people who have absolutely no stakes in a family-work life balance. With this honourable first recognition in the Outaouais region, we can also see that whatever the business sector, our approach really meets a need. It is with committed leaders like Ms. Brouillet that the labour market will adapt to better take into account the current realities of the modern worker" said Marie Rhéaume, Executive Director of the Réseau pour un Québec Famille.

[1] Source : LÉGER. Quebec-wide survey on family-work balance, 2018


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