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First Marketing Agency to Obtain the Elite Certification

It’s official  We are the first marketing agency to obtain the Elite certification of the recognition program ICI on recycle + de RECYC-QUÉBEC!

The program in brief

  • Available in 4 levels, ICI on recycle + honors organizations that are proactive and committed to improving their performance in waste management.
  • Elite level is the highest level of certification in the program.
  • In Québec, only about a dozen organizations out of 235 have reached this level (as of September).

Managing our residual materials intelligently means executing simple methods to easily reduce our impact. The goal of our team is to control the final outcome of materials we use without having to question ourselves. Healthy waste management has become second nature to us!

Our top 25 of green actions


1. We have a waste management policy and plan that puts forward the hiérarchie des 3RV.

2. Our supply policy includes purchasing products that reduce waste at the source, management of waste materials, and the purchase of products with recycled content.

3. We apply a directive which supports the organizing of eco-responsible events to properly manage waste materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, among other initiatives.

REDUCTION AT THE SOURCE AND RE-USE: The best kind of waste is the kind that’s not produced!

4. We use reusable dishes (e.g., plates and glasses) for our employees and customers.

5. Unless under extreme situations, plastic water bottles are banned from the agency.

6. Several products are purchased in bulk or in large formats including coffee, sugar, milk and cream.

7. Our coffee machine does not require the use of single-use pods or capsules - we use a reusable filter.

8. The "double-sided" function of our printer is configured by default. We only print if necessary.

9. Cloth towels are available in the washroom, and dish towels are available in the kitchen.

10.  Plastic bags have been banned from the agency to reduce the use of single-use plastic. For example, only compostable bags are used in waste bins.

11. We reuse cardboard folders, suspension files, correspondence envelopes, and ring binders, among others.

12. Paper that has been used on one side only is reused.

13. We favour the purchase of refillable office supplies such as adhesive tape with refillable dispensers.


14. An easy-to-understand display designed to facilitate the sorting, disposal, and recovery of waste materials has been set up in the agency.

15. Bins for collecting paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal are available at strategic locations (e.g., near workstations, in common areas).

16. Used batteries and light bulbs are collected and sent to RONA du Plateau in Gatineau to be properly disposed of.

17. A reusable bag used for the recovery of refundable containers is available to staff and customers.

18. Les cartouches d'encre usagées sont entreposées en vue de leur reconditionnement ou recyclage.

Used ink cartridges are stored for refurbishing or recycling.


19. Organic table scraps are collected and stored in a freezer bin before being collected by the municipality.

20. We love plants and keep many around the office! While taking care of them, dead leaves are collected and added to the composting bin.

21. Tissues and other similar waste products accepted by the municipal waste collection as compostable materials also end up in the brown bin.


22. We worked with local suppliers to design one of the first recycled ash wood office tables in the Outaouais.

23. We favour the eco-design of our promotional products (e.g., recycled ash wood bookmarks).

24. All our employees are involved in our waste management processes and have specific roles.

25. Our clients are made aware of the importance of healthy waste management through fast-tracked workshops offered by the firm/business/company workshops. Our community is becoming more and more aware and motivated.

Even though it’s talked about everywhere, the environment is not a fad.

It’s a trend that’s much more sustainable.

And by making micro adjustments in our daily lives, we can become better humans.


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