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The 4 Major Types of Social Media Posts

Many companies focus their efforts focus on creating advertising content or distributing various non-personalized and strategic posts yet fail to take full advantage of social media.

It is important to circulate a variety of well-thought-out social media publications to ensure that your qualitative and quantitative goals are met. When creating your strategic publishing calendar, there are four types of posts to consider.


As with any human relationship, listening is essential. People are talking about you, reaching out on social media, sharing their experiences with your products, and even asking you questions. Use this valuable information to develop a strategy that will help grow your influence, network, and prospects.

This type of post allows you to:

  • Track the perception of your brand in the public eye;
  • Increase retention;
  • Reduce refund requests;
  • Identify topics that interest your audience;
  • Collect research on your competitors;
  • Identify the gaps surrounding your offer.

Here is an example of a listening post:


The goal here is to positively influence the opinions and behaviours of your subscribers with truthful or verified information. We strive to grow the authority of your business. Are you an important point of reference in your field? Then you should be sharing your knowledge with your audience!

This type of post allows you to:

  • Increase engagement with your content and brand;
  • Increase your website traffic;
  • Improve your notoriety;
  • Build your retargeting list.

In the example below, we are trying to influence the target audience to recognize the services of professionals like us! In the advertised version of this one, we added a button to the website.


A network-centric post is about creating a connection between your brand and influencers or other businesses in your area or in your field. This is an important category for all businesses.

This type of post allows you to:

  • Create good digital relationships with your employees, brands that complement yours, suppliers or other important members of your community;
  • Transform these relationships into lasting and profitable partnerships;
  • Earn more media mentions;

These posts can also turn into recruitment of human resources!


In addition to listening to your audience, strengthening your authority in your community, and establishing a solid network, it is essential to introduce your service offerings to your customers to generate sales based on real needs.

This type of post allows you to:

  • Generate leads to grow your email marketing list;
  • Acquire new customers and sell to existing customers;
  • Increase the frequency of purchases and transform indecisive customers into loyal and enthusiastic customers;
  • Stimulate cross-selling/upselling from a responsible perspective.

This method of categorizing your posts will go a long way in helping you build your post schedule and reach your goals. Curious and want to learn more? Chat with us on our online chat!


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