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ECOLEAD: A Fairtrade Workplace

Did you know? Since July 30, 2018, our superb agency has been designated a “Fair Workplace” by Fairtrade Canada. Our agency is one of 85 other Canadian companies to have obtained this certification to date.

The certification in summary

This is a great opportunity for us to educate our employees about the importance of being compensated fairly for work done.

Purchasing fair trade products allows workers in southern countries to earn a fair wage. This kind of support helps to improve their socio-economic situation and opens access to a better life.

Companies who are eligible for the “Fair Workplace” certification must have a management committee that meets on a regular basis to monitor the progress of their commitments. Additionally, they must offer at least 3 Fairtrade certified products to employees and visitors. Finally, the commitment put in place must be visible in the workplace, for example through information sheets and stickers.

Our actions

Our agency is redoubling its efforts to do good around it.

The coffee we drink and the coffee we serve to visitors is Fairtrade certified. The same goes for our sugar, tea, and hot chocolate. Moreover, when the situation arises, we also buy other Fairtrade products. Our committee meets once a month to follow up on purchases and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our agency is doubling its efforts to do good.

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